Giving Back

Mindfulness  Matters

Supporting charities that teach kids to be kind

When you combine nature with nurture you’ve got a powerful combo. Five dollars of every tshirt sold will be donated to the charity of your choice, from a selection of five core projects and sometimes more when timely causes present themselves.  Each has been selected based on their social and environmental practices, as well as reviewed to ensure their admin costs are in line with industry standards to ensure your money is going to support the cause.


Our Big Five


ChariTREE Foundation

It’s about teaching the importance of reforestation, sustainability and caring for something beyond ourselves all while giving children the opportunity to get outside and connect with nature. 


Kindness Foundation

The intention of this fund is to recognize exceptional high school graduating students, inspired by the vision of a kinder world and committed to making a difference, with a scholarship to assist them in furthering their education.
It is our hope that the recognition of our recipient(s) important work will inspire them to continue to be involved in similar initiatives through their post-secondary years and into adult life.


Child and Nature Alliance

We foster meaningful connections with the outdoors for children and youth. All children and youth should have the opportunity to play and learn in forests, parks, meadows and mud puddles. We work to connect children and youth with nature through policy, research, and practice.


David Suzuki Foundation

Goal: Protect and restore nature.

Human beings — like all biological organisms — depend on clean air, water and soil. We are a part of nature and must live within its limits. Our vision for biodiversity is that Canadians improve the way they interact with the natural environment and become engaged in protecting the creatures and places they love. We also recognize Indigenous peoples as biodiversity stewards in their territories. We work to resolve rights and title issues, and we advance Indigenous governance of their lands and waters.


Wits Program

The WITS Programs bring together schools, families and communities to create responsive environments that help elementary school children deal with bullying and peer victimization.